What the Hell is a Blog?

In 2010 on February 26, 2010 at 1:11 am

Today, I officially start my first day of what the tech savvy world likes to call “blogging.” I have been told over and over again that communication majors should all have a blog.  But, I, like some others, started to wonder…”What the hell is a blog in the first place?” I started my journey on the famous (or infamous) Google and typed in “What the hell is a blog?” and clicked ” I am feeling lucky” and was yet led to….another blog. An online journal is what the author described it as and a light bulb clicked on in my head: I had been writing in journals all my life. I was, indeed, a perfect fit.

When pondering a name for what I might call this blog, it came very clear to me. You might wonder what the hell does a fishing story actually mean?  A good friend of mine once told me that all of our stories in life are like fishing stories. We have all heard them. We have all told them. These fishing stories are all around us. They are larger than life tales of what actually happened. Just like how the small trout you caught back in the eighties became this huge marlin by the time the new millennium rolled around, the stories that captivate us throughout our lives are in essence, “fishing stories“. Hence, kudos to the person that gave me this idea; kudos to all the damn fish in the sea; and most of all, kudos to you, for so far, keeping up with me.

So, as I start my journey today writing my first ever “blog”, I write it in the hopes that it may entertain, inspire (yeah, right), and/or at least be of some enjoyment to you. As this is my first entry, I know that I have probably committed some grave blogging sins that I do not know of yet. I ask for your forgiveness in advance and I hope to hear any comments, questions, criticism, or fishing stories that you may have. Take it easy mate, and go catch some fish.

  1. good luck!!!

  2. good job…keep it up

  3. I was catching fish just came back … lol
    Hey good luck with your new beeloging thing 🙂

  4. Nice beginning although I think blogging is a little vain and a voyeuristic. It wouldn’t be fun it wasn’t now would it?

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