Hate: Another Word for Love?

In 2010 on March 7, 2010 at 11:23 pm

I hate you.

I love you.

What do these phrases actually mean? What do they actually signify? And most of all, what do they actually have in common? One can easily equate hate with words like anger, jealousy or evil. However, can’t one also equate the term love with the same words?

Many of you would argue “No, of course not. Love is this wonderful thing where two people fall for one another etenally, get married, have 10000 babies and live happily ever after.” And to that, I say… “Good for the five of you who it actually happens to.” However, for the rest of us who live in reality know all too well that anger, jealously and evil are all part of this love/hate circle.

Now, one may ask, “What is the overall point of this? What is this girl trying to say?”

My point is this: One cannot hate someone unless they loved them. The opposite of love is not hate. The opposite of love is ignorance.

Now, take a moment and think of all the people you hate or have hated in your lifetime. For some, there might be a lot. For others, only a couple. And for the wimps out there, you might say, “Oh,I don’t hate anyone. I just don’t like them.” Yeah, whatever.

But, in that list, was there anyone who you hated from the start? Did you not care enough for them at one point that you were driven to this hate?

Now, I am not saying that you had to be romantically involved with someone or be best friends with them. And I am definitely not referring to the I-hate-Rush-Limbaugh-kind-of-hate.  I am just saying  that at one point, you cared enough for this person to have this deep hatred for them now. If you did not care for them or love them, you would not even think about them. But you do. Those nights when you are lying in bed staring the ceiling, you think….”What went wrong there? Why is (insert name) on my mind right now?”

And my friend, they are on your mind because at one point, you did care for them. You liked them. You loved them. They were special to you. And thus, I ask, is hate just another word for love?

Is the root of

  1. Love hate love hate love hate…
    Say what?

  2. I find this to be true because I can relate to it.

  3. I believe of the many misinterpretations that exist in the world, the contrast between love and hate is perhaps the starkest. What really helps us value true love while understanding the ramifications of hatred is our own ability to appreciate our evolution or it simply doesn’t work. Well thought and well written.

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