Godiva – Great Chocolate for an Even Greater Price

In 2010 on April 6, 2010 at 3:38 am

“Life is a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.” –  from Forrest Gump

You are born. Then you die. In the middle of those two things, some shit called life happens.

As you go through the self acclaimed milestones in your life — whether it be graduating high school or getting your Masters or getting married for the first, second or third time or whether it be having a child (not in that order per-say) — you start to realize that life goes by pretty fast.

Just yesterday you were a two year old, oblivious of the world surrounding you, and the next thing you know, you are still oblivious of the world surrounding you…but at 82.

And you start to think….

“How did this happen?  How the hell did I grow up so fast? What if I had married my highschool sweetheart? What if I had taken that leap of faith? What if I had pursued a career of being a (insert dream career choice here)? What if? What if? What if….?”

You think to yourself again.

You look back at your life and ponder whether the choices that were confronted to you at the time were really choices at all. If you could really turn back in time and rewrite your life, would you?

Knowing what I know now, in all of my teeny-boper nineteen years of life, I would say (drumroll) a simple, thoughtful NO.

Mistakes are who have made me what I am today and without those, I would still be an emotional, self-centered, quiet, revenge-seeking psychopath. Almost makes me sound like those kids in high school who just sit there and stare at you, trying to kill you with their looks.

Point is: If we had been too scared to fall, we would not have kept trying to stand up on our own two feet. Yes, the first few times we used support. Then, we learned.

And as our learning continues throughout this short life, we must not step back and think what if we had done otherwise. Because playing on past scenarios or focusing on regrets never leads anywhere.

And as Bubba said, although, we don’t know what we will find in our box of chocolates, we do know that box will contain chocolates: some hard and bumpy with nuts, some sweet cherries and some just the perfect milk chocolate.

You Never Know What You're Gonna Get


  1. Surprisingly the self-questioning rhetoric reminds me of people twice your age and beyond, I don’t remember having those thoughts as much as a teenybopper. I would say still those questions loom a little stronger during your 30s and 40s because most people don’t follow their dreams and join corporate America to earn their keep in the cubicle stall.

    Bill Maher has made some interesting comments about what he labels a sickness of our society, our lack of vacation among others. Europeans don’t have the salaries we have, and yet they average 6 weeks of vacation a year, they benefit from universal healthcare and in many cases universities tuition is free for all.

    I will say maybe times are changing and you see more American travelers abroad and maybe horizons are being opened. It’s always going to be about the choices we make.

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