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And What Annoys You?

In 2010 on July 21, 2010 at 12:24 pm

Pet peeves.

We all have them. We all hate them. We all do them.  

As a kid growing up and even as a young woman now, my biggest pet peeve used to be a simple action – picking your nose.  

I just hated it when people picked their noses. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t do it. I just would do it when people weren’t looking. But it wasn’t just the fact that people loved to pick their noses in public — it was the fact that they expected you to shake their hands afterwards. And what made it worse was when you shook someone’s hand and it felt all slimy and full of snot. One time, during my high school lunch, I wiped off “crumbs” off someone’s face only to discover it was snot. How horrendous! And don’t remind me of the women I’d see not washing their hands after they’d use the restroom. Unfathomable. Still gives me the chills to even think about it!  

Thus, it leads me to my top ten list of my worst pet peeves, not including my nose picking. See if you agree and let me know what yours are!  

10. Itching in inappropriate places – This includes itching scabs till they bleed, big mosquito bites and in places where the sun don’t shine. Nothing ruins my dinner like seeing a grown man with his hand down his pants scratching God-knows-what. There is a reason we cover some body parts more than others. And my guesses are that by thinking about people itching, you have just itched yourself in a few places already.
9. Eating (or drinking) out of the box – Okay, if you live by yourself or just with your romantic partner, I can understand the occasional sharing of a big juice box or other items, since you already exchange a lot more germs on a daily basis. However, for everyone else out there, don’t do it! Getting a glass or a plate out might take a few extra seconds, but I tell you, it will save others from getting your nasty mouth germs.
8. Leaving the toilet seat up – Now, there are many bathroom related pet peeves that I can think of that would annoy the crapoola out of me. But, guys and the weird chicks who would leave the toilet seat up, nobody wants to put the seat down! Now, don’t give me the age-old argument that women should be considerate and leave the toilet seat UP. No, toilet seats were made for women. Urinals for men. So be kind and considerate when using OUR items and leave the seat down.
7. People who TyPe LiK tHiS** – Maybe it is a foreigner thing but I just never understood why people type all retarded sometimes. I mean, do they think it’s cool to type like that? Using ReTarDeD fOnT is not cool, even if you live abroad and have a tendency to look cool. Also, taking pictures drunk and posting them on Facebook to show how drunk you are – not cool either.
6. Leaving a crappy tip – Rather than leave me a crappy tip, take your dollar back and clean up the table for me. How about that?
5. Interruptions – When someone is telling you something, don’t interrupt and start up a conversation about something totally unrelated. It is rude and makes you look cocky and selfish. So many times I would have a conversation that would go something like this:
Me: So, the other day, I was at the mall and I ran into…..
Rude Interrupter: OMG, I have to tell you! I can’t fit into my size four underwear anymore! I am so fat!!!
Me: Oh, that sucks…
Awkward Silence.
So, to all those rude interrupters, shut it for once and listen to what the other person is saying. Good listening skills can take you a long way.
4. Being rude to the server – Now, I have been out with far too many people who have a knack for being rude to waiters. Thus, my choice of friends hasn’t been great in this department. However, being a waiter myself, I want to say … Well, I cannot say it on here since it would be too inappropriate. But seriously, don’t be rude to the servers. They work all day, carrying your trays, cleaning your shit up, not to mention dealing with the unoccasional crappy tips they get only to turn in 20 percent of their earnings back to the company. So, being a smart aleck just shows that you are a plain old d******.
3. Ignorant people – They say that ignorance is bliss and maybe it is because I know, I cannot stand ignorant people whatsoever. Ignorant people fall into many different categories – sexist, racist, homophobic and plain stupid. Being a Muslim girl doesn’t make me uptight. Being Pakistani doesn’t make me a terrorist. Supporting gays doesn’t mean I am a lesbian myself. And being smart doesn’t mean I have to dumb myself down for guys. Some chicks don’t get that. Some dudes don’t get it either. Like for all the other pet peeves, I cannot say “oh, ignorant people, don’t be ignorant” because ignorant people don’t know that they are ignorant. They are so stuck inside their little comfort bubble, that they cannot push out nor escape. It is a little sad to see ignorant people, but the sympathy goes away when they open their mouths and start making derogatory comments about people you care about or love.
2. Not flushing the toilet – Okay, number ones is forgivable sometimes. Number twos – never! Even if the toilet is broken, go get a piece of paper and post a warning sign! I can say it literally now. No one wants to see your shit!!!!
1. Lying – The number one pet peeve of all. Everyone lies. I understand that. But lying when there is no good enough reason? That has to be the biggest pet peeve of all time. Don’t lie and say that you are in one place when you are in the other. Lying shows that that person was not worthy of the truth and it depraves them of their respect from you. So, next time you want to tell a stupid lie for the sake of a lie, think again.
Now, I am sure that I missed a whole bunch of pet peeves that were not listed on the list: cranky sick people, people who are always on the phone when you are hanging out with them, people who can’t dress, parents who cannot control their children, those who clip toenails in public, and the list goes on and on and on…..

So, the question I ask is, what are YOUR PET PEEVES????