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2010 in Review

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The stats helper monkeys at mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Wow.

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa has 296 steps to reach the top. This blog was viewed about 1,200 times in 2010. If those were steps, it would have climbed the Leaning Tower of Pisa 4 times

In 2010, there were 14 new posts, not bad for the first year! There were 21 pictures uploaded, taking up a total of 2mb. That’s about 2 pictures per month.

The busiest day of the year was June 14th with 88 views. The most popular post that day was Five Types of World Cup Fans.

Where did they come from?

The top referring sites in 2010 were,,,, and

Some visitors came searching, mostly for stabbed in the back, stab, stab in the back, back stab, and stabbed.

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These are the posts and pages that got the most views in 2010.


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Happy Birthday to Me! May 2010


Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter

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There comes a time in everyone’s life when he or she is stabbed in the back very hard.

 Whether it is from a family member, a close friend or a romantic partner, that wound is insurmountably deep. Most of the time, it heals. Sometimes, it just leaves a scar.

And in rare cases, it never heals properly.


Back when I was a freshman in high school, I was asked to read several excerpts from Dante’s Inferno. For those of you who don’t know what that is, Dante’s Inferno was the first part of a 14th century epic poem called The Divine Comedy. It gave vivid details of what hell is like in all of its nine circles. Before reading the poem, I was asked to describe my ninth level of hell. Not knowing that Dante agreed with me, I wrote about betrayal. Everyone that has sacrificed someone’s trust. Everyone that has given up their loyalty. Everyone that has taken a sharp knife and plunged it into a dear one’s back. They are the ones who would be there. They are the ones would be suffering and writhing in pain and anguish in hell. They are the ones who would have an actual knife stabbed in their backs for eternity. That was my perception of hell back then.

Now, it’s slightly changed.

As I grow and mature into my 20s, I have realized that  people have their reasons for doing what they do and acting the way they do. Sometimes, those reasons seem justified; other times, absurd. Sometimes, spiteful. Everyone thinks differently and at the end of the day, it is those differences that cause conflict for us. It is those differences in their perception of the world, their differences in their ideas that collide with ours; and most of all, it is the the difference in  their perception of us. The individual. The question we ask ourselves – Is what I am getting worth more than my relationship with this person?

And unfortunately, sometimes the answer is yes.

We’d like to think that we wouldn’t betray anyone’s trust. Or at least anyone we care about’s trust. And believe me, there are a rare few, like my father, who would never do that. But, when it all comes down to it, as humans, we are wired to betray. We are wired to be selfish and we are wired to do what is best for us.

My reason for writing this article is not because I was recently stabbed in the back by anyone nor is it because I did that to anyone.  There have been times in my life that has happened to me. But, fortunately for me, those wounds were the healing kind. I have always told my friends that I would be rather be the one that gets hurt rather than the one who does the hurting. But, now I am starting to realize that maybe that should not always be the case. Sometimes, enough is enough and you have to hurt people in order to move on.

 I have two reasons for writing this piece. One – because this past week, I saw a dance on television that was centered around betrayal. The dance told a story of a friendship whose trust was betrayed in order for one to move on. I encourage everyone to watch it – not for the technique, but for the emotional aspect of it. It hit me and I knew that that was going to be the topic of my next piece. The second reason I wrote this entry was because last week, someone told me that my last blog entry was not from the heart. Funny enough, they were right. It wasn’t. This week, my words come straight from the heart and nothing but.

Happy Sailing.

– Aisha

And What Annoys You?

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Pet peeves.

We all have them. We all hate them. We all do them.  

As a kid growing up and even as a young woman now, my biggest pet peeve used to be a simple action – picking your nose.  

I just hated it when people picked their noses. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t do it. I just would do it when people weren’t looking. But it wasn’t just the fact that people loved to pick their noses in public — it was the fact that they expected you to shake their hands afterwards. And what made it worse was when you shook someone’s hand and it felt all slimy and full of snot. One time, during my high school lunch, I wiped off “crumbs” off someone’s face only to discover it was snot. How horrendous! And don’t remind me of the women I’d see not washing their hands after they’d use the restroom. Unfathomable. Still gives me the chills to even think about it!  

Thus, it leads me to my top ten list of my worst pet peeves, not including my nose picking. See if you agree and let me know what yours are!  

10. Itching in inappropriate places – This includes itching scabs till they bleed, big mosquito bites and in places where the sun don’t shine. Nothing ruins my dinner like seeing a grown man with his hand down his pants scratching God-knows-what. There is a reason we cover some body parts more than others. And my guesses are that by thinking about people itching, you have just itched yourself in a few places already.
9. Eating (or drinking) out of the box – Okay, if you live by yourself or just with your romantic partner, I can understand the occasional sharing of a big juice box or other items, since you already exchange a lot more germs on a daily basis. However, for everyone else out there, don’t do it! Getting a glass or a plate out might take a few extra seconds, but I tell you, it will save others from getting your nasty mouth germs.
8. Leaving the toilet seat up – Now, there are many bathroom related pet peeves that I can think of that would annoy the crapoola out of me. But, guys and the weird chicks who would leave the toilet seat up, nobody wants to put the seat down! Now, don’t give me the age-old argument that women should be considerate and leave the toilet seat UP. No, toilet seats were made for women. Urinals for men. So be kind and considerate when using OUR items and leave the seat down.
7. People who TyPe LiK tHiS** – Maybe it is a foreigner thing but I just never understood why people type all retarded sometimes. I mean, do they think it’s cool to type like that? Using ReTarDeD fOnT is not cool, even if you live abroad and have a tendency to look cool. Also, taking pictures drunk and posting them on Facebook to show how drunk you are – not cool either.
6. Leaving a crappy tip – Rather than leave me a crappy tip, take your dollar back and clean up the table for me. How about that?
5. Interruptions – When someone is telling you something, don’t interrupt and start up a conversation about something totally unrelated. It is rude and makes you look cocky and selfish. So many times I would have a conversation that would go something like this:
Me: So, the other day, I was at the mall and I ran into…..
Rude Interrupter: OMG, I have to tell you! I can’t fit into my size four underwear anymore! I am so fat!!!
Me: Oh, that sucks…
Awkward Silence.
So, to all those rude interrupters, shut it for once and listen to what the other person is saying. Good listening skills can take you a long way.
4. Being rude to the server – Now, I have been out with far too many people who have a knack for being rude to waiters. Thus, my choice of friends hasn’t been great in this department. However, being a waiter myself, I want to say … Well, I cannot say it on here since it would be too inappropriate. But seriously, don’t be rude to the servers. They work all day, carrying your trays, cleaning your shit up, not to mention dealing with the unoccasional crappy tips they get only to turn in 20 percent of their earnings back to the company. So, being a smart aleck just shows that you are a plain old d******.
3. Ignorant people – They say that ignorance is bliss and maybe it is because I know, I cannot stand ignorant people whatsoever. Ignorant people fall into many different categories – sexist, racist, homophobic and plain stupid. Being a Muslim girl doesn’t make me uptight. Being Pakistani doesn’t make me a terrorist. Supporting gays doesn’t mean I am a lesbian myself. And being smart doesn’t mean I have to dumb myself down for guys. Some chicks don’t get that. Some dudes don’t get it either. Like for all the other pet peeves, I cannot say “oh, ignorant people, don’t be ignorant” because ignorant people don’t know that they are ignorant. They are so stuck inside their little comfort bubble, that they cannot push out nor escape. It is a little sad to see ignorant people, but the sympathy goes away when they open their mouths and start making derogatory comments about people you care about or love.
2. Not flushing the toilet – Okay, number ones is forgivable sometimes. Number twos – never! Even if the toilet is broken, go get a piece of paper and post a warning sign! I can say it literally now. No one wants to see your shit!!!!
1. Lying – The number one pet peeve of all. Everyone lies. I understand that. But lying when there is no good enough reason? That has to be the biggest pet peeve of all time. Don’t lie and say that you are in one place when you are in the other. Lying shows that that person was not worthy of the truth and it depraves them of their respect from you. So, next time you want to tell a stupid lie for the sake of a lie, think again.
Now, I am sure that I missed a whole bunch of pet peeves that were not listed on the list: cranky sick people, people who are always on the phone when you are hanging out with them, people who can’t dress, parents who cannot control their children, those who clip toenails in public, and the list goes on and on and on…..

So, the question I ask is, what are YOUR PET PEEVES????


Five Types of World Cup Fans

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What is it about the World Cup that brings the world together?

Why is it on this occasion that millions of people all over the world watch this game of men kicking around a ball for ninety minutes (only to result in a dissapointing tie)?

Soccer fans aside, the World Cup seems to bring interest to almost everyone, whether they enjoy soccer or not.

But, is it really about bringing everyone together or apart?

Country rivalries are the biggest reasons we watch the game. Either we want to support our country (Pakistan) or like in my case, when our country isn’t in the game, we want to support the country we like (Mexico) or the country we want to win (Argentina) or the country we know is going to win (Brazil). Sometimes, we watch the game because we want the opposing country to lose so bad (France) no matter who they play.

But where does this rationale come from?

Especially for people from my side of the world who don’t have Pakistan or India or any Muslim country playing that we can relate to…How do I pick who I want to support?


Well, in order to make things easier, most likely, you fit into one of these types of World Cup fans. Think about it.

Which one are you?

THE BANDWAGONER: Everyone I talk to wants Brazil or Spain to win. Why? Because most likely, Brazil or Spain WILL WIN. Whether you go for the team that has won the most Cups (5 in Brazil’s case) or the strongest team in the competition (España), you tend to support the team that always wins. If you don’t go much about sports, then go with one of these teams. You’ll sound smart and most likely will not be dissapointed when one of these teams win. And to make it better, both Brazilians and Spaniards are known to be pretty hot. Ahhh Fernando Torres.

THE PATRIOT: Okay, let’s face it. You live in this country [insert your country here]. You are from this country. So of course you are going to support this country. Makes sense. Pretty straightfoward. U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

THE UNDERDOGGER: This person is just a hater. You just hate on other people’s wins. You want to support teams like Algeria or Japan that might win a few games here and there and you get to boast and brag about it since you were the only one supporting, but ultimately, when compared to the grand scheme of things — your picks suck.

THE SPORTS JUNKIE: You actually are a true World Cup fan. You actually deserve to go to the World Cup. Shit, you even should be in the World Cup. You know every fact there is to know about soccer. You know that in the first ever World Cup match , Mexico got their asses beat by France. Really, France? Really? You are so elite that you don’t even call it soccer. It’s called football or futbol in your world. You are the Pele of soccer and you deserve to be President of FIFA. As for the team you support, pick whatever you want because you probably know what you are talking about.

THE SOCIAL NETWORKER: You are one of those people who love to social network about anything and everything and that is where the World Cup actually matters. You read the main headlines on your home page and that’s about as far you’ll go. Maybe you’ll even click on the scoreboard link and then update your Facebook status to something like “WHAT AN EMBARASSING GOAL FOR THE U.S!” and then post a link to the video. As poser as you may be, kudos to you guys for actually pretending to give a shit.

Well, as I am sure I did not hit everyone of you in regards to your role for this World Cup. I did not care to mention the apathetic crowd who really don’t give a crap about the game. And to you guys, I say — well, nothing. As for which one I am, I think all of those qualities resonate within me. The World Cup might not be the most exciting game to watch. It might not even be the most fairest game to watch — players are not allowed to switch jerseys after the match because “bare chests” are forbidden on the field? NOT FAIR. But, the World Cup is DEFINITELY the coolest game to watch.


Oh, Fernando.

Happy Birthday to Me!

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Everyone that knows me that I love birthdays. They give people a chance to hang out, spend time together, give gifts and (my most favorite part) be nice to you.

Now, if someone isn’t nice to you on your birthday, then they are just a ****. Insert word of choice there.

What is so drastic about turning a year older? Some may even argue that it is depressing being a year closer to death.

I look at it the other way — it is another year that you have beat death altogether and that is why we are celebrating it.

Anywho, turning 20 has a certain magic or weirdness to it. You suddenly feel so old. No more teenage things like skipping classes, driving forhours blasting inappropriate music, watching High School Musical or pretending to be a rebel to look badass. Not that I ever did any of those things. Instead, you are now gearing towards the end of your institutional education; there are no more excuses for immaturity and certainly, there is no tolerance for being irresponsible.

But in honor of turning twenty, I have decided to share ten life lessons I have learned in these two decades. 

10. Never try to smell a lighter by lighting it and inhaling it directly into your nose. YOUR NOSE WILL CATCH ON FIRE.

9. Do NOT go to Bunnyman Bridge on Halloween. COPS WILL FOLLOW YOU.

8. Dancing is AWESOME. DO IT whether you know how to or not.

7. NEVER use spray-on tans unless you want your legs looking like an orange zebra.

6. Don’t be afraid to meet new people. They are not as scary as you might think.

5. Learn how to laugh at yourself before anyone else does. Life is easier that way…and funnier.

4. Forgive.

3. When compromising, do not compromise your dignity.

2. Do not take everything so seriously. Everything is not LIFE or DEATH.

1. Love yourself first and foremost. You are all you got.

And as I sit here writing this blog, the clock strikes midnight and I realize that in reality, nothing has changed. I did not grow wrinkles or gain twenty pounds or even find myself amidst having kids. Surprisingly, I am still the same. I am still Aisha.

Happy Sailing.

time flies by.



One-Click World

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Internet Connections – We all have them.

We ridicule others when they talk about having anonline boyfriend or girlfriend. We laugh at the simple prospect of making a friend through the net. And we definitely shiver at the thought of ever meeting the actual internet bot in person. He might actually be a forty-five year old creepy man!  Very rarely, these connections are percieved as real. 548 friends on Facebook? They cannot ALL be your friends!

However, at the same time, many of us have experienced that instance where we realize that connecting with someone online is a thrill in itself. Otherwise, why else are websites like,, Facebook or Twitter becoming the next social media revolution?

One reason: Attention.

As humans, we ask, beg and crave for this weird thing called attention. The internet provides it all for a daily fee of nothing. Log on to Facebook right now and you can Like as many statuses as you want. Or be a Fan of the endless pages on there.  You can even leave Lady Gaga a comment saying how much you loved her spiked metal nipples but would prefer it if she toned it down. And if you are one of the lucky ones, she might even tweet you back with an “lol” and enable you to be a part of the attentive social media culture.

But whether we ever establish long-lasting friendships or relationships with these internet freaks is not the question. It is not even the norm anymore. We live in a one-click world where if we don’t like someone, all we do is “delete” them from our buddy list.  We even have the newly acclaimed one-click website,, which connects us with strangers from the other side of the world. They can see you. Hear you. Talk to you. Make funny faces at you and disappear all within one-click. Whether they become a fishing story or not, however, is at your discretion.

Happy Sailing.


Noah’s Ark

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Sometimes people come into our lives and sprint past us and just leave us all too quickly. Other times they stay for a while, imprint some sort of impression and then leave. Nonetheless, they always end up leaving.   

    Reality Check: There’s no such thing as forever. No one stays forever. Even those animals on Noah’s ark are now dead.   

Though it might sound cynical, phrases like “best friends forever” or “lovers for eternity” or so are such cliches that have no real depth or meaning to them.    

But what about soulmates? Why does someone like me believe in the old-fashioned concept of soulmates?  No, its not because I believe that there is just one person out there who is your best friend, lover, other half or such. That when you fall over and hurt yourself, they feel a bruise imprinting on their body when they are on the other side of the world. No, this is not a Shakespeare play or an Indian movie.  For me, the concept of soul mate derives from finding someone that fills such a void in your life that you cannot fulfill yourself.    

Getting into biology, its like the concept of essential nutrients. They are nutrients like certain vitamins that our body cannot produce itself. The only way to fulfill that iron deficiency is to obtain it from another source.    

Thus, I have succumbed to the concept of soulmates, however a modern concept of it. They are not the person who drinks a vial of poison so they can die with you. They are ones who stay and live their lives because they know that is what you would have wanted for them. They are not the ones who are selfish and want you all to themselves if they know that is not what you want. They are ones who love you enough to let you go and find your true passion. They are not the ones who keeps track of your every single move. They are the ones who know that a personal identity is necessary for everyone.      

For me, that person is someone who provides you with the things you cannot provide yourself. Criticism. Compliments. Love. Challenge. Loyalty. Courage. Backbone. And most of all, they provide you with reality checks.    




Everywhere I looked, people were standing in twos -- it was like Noah's Upper West Side rent-controlled Ark. - Carrie


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Here are the links to my first two articles published in the Mason newspaper, Broadside.

They are a very small first step, but nonetheless, still a step. 





An Evaluation on a Personal Note

In 2010 on April 30, 2010 at 3:42 am

As the semester nears it end and I realize that I will be graduating next spring, I am overjoyed and yet, nervous. And though it might seem far away, I believe 2010 will fly by unnoticed. With baby births, weddings, birthdays, vacations and other milestones, this year will be a quick breeze. Next thing we know, Soha will graduating from high school, Nadia will be mothering kids, Nabeel will be married and I will be pursuing my own ambitions no longer as a teen.

 Being a Communications major, it does scare me that there might not be a job out there for me, however, it does not make me regret my decision. I have enjoyed each and every class I have taken so far in this field and it has truly shown me the ropes of what journalists and writers do. We report and we write. I have gotten the chance to meet some cool people, do some amazing things and learn about it at the same time. This leads me to evaluate my life after almost twenty years of living it.

Do I deem myself successful?

 The simple answer is yes.

I am born to an awesome set of parents who support me in many of the things I do and even if they don’t, they still are there for me if things go wrong. I have siblings who have taught me some of the most important lessons of my life and the most important being the one that says “Be tough and learn from other’s mistakes.” And that I have. I have learned that everyone makes mistakes. I have learned from them what NOT to do and that is sufficient enough for me. I have learned about family relations and what family really means. 

But along with that, I have learned that about another type of special relation. And that is friendship. I am glad to say that I have one of the bestest friends in the world. I have many good friends who have taught me what loyalty is. Friendship is not necessarily about the people who you talk to every single day or spend time with every single day.It is the person that you can call anytime of the day and you know they won’t mind. It is the person you can sit with in complete silence and be comfortable with it. It is the person who doesn’t question your every judgment because they trust you. It is the person you can expose your raw self too and they still find you flawless.  It is about understanding and knowing who will be there at the end with you when you need them. And luckily, I have realized that sooner than later. And for those who are still on the boat with me … are the most special ones. I love you kids.

And so, I end this on a personal note, thanking you people for making my life amazing.

I have done some crazy things in my life, but I don’t regret even one of them.

– Aisha

Crazy and Lovin' It.

Keeping it Simple

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A simple blog for a simple man.

Claiming that my blog is too sophisticated for him, this week I write on a shortened scale so that this man can understand it.

And since we are on the topic of simplicity, we might beg to ask the question — what is simplicity in this day and age?

One might say that cooking homemade bread, spending time with your loved ones and going stargazing is part of life’s simplicities. Yes, it was…back in 1890.

However, for me, leading a simple life involves having only one Twitter account that I hardly use, an old beat up Samsung phone the width of a brick and driving a 1995 beat-up Corolla with bumper stickers. And to even make it crazier for you guys, I don’t own an iPhone, iMac or the latest ridiculous gadget, the iPad. (Just got the iTouch a few weeks ago..Shhh…..)

In this day and age, being simple is not about not owning the latest greatest item or going on walks to the grocery store. It is about responding back to your tweets on time, being the first to comment on your spouse’s new Facebook picture and making sure you set aside time to read Charles Dickens on the Kindle.

Agreeing with Sir Reynolds’ words,  it is about finding a medium between too little and too much.

So, keep it to a mimimal and you shall be deemed a simple man.



Too Complicated???