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Noah’s Ark

In 2010 on May 10, 2010 at 7:00 am


Sometimes people come into our lives and sprint past us and just leave us all too quickly. Other times they stay for a while, imprint some sort of impression and then leave. Nonetheless, they always end up leaving.   

    Reality Check: There’s no such thing as forever. No one stays forever. Even those animals on Noah’s ark are now dead.   

Though it might sound cynical, phrases like “best friends forever” or “lovers for eternity” or so are such cliches that have no real depth or meaning to them.    

But what about soulmates? Why does someone like me believe in the old-fashioned concept of soulmates?  No, its not because I believe that there is just one person out there who is your best friend, lover, other half or such. That when you fall over and hurt yourself, they feel a bruise imprinting on their body when they are on the other side of the world. No, this is not a Shakespeare play or an Indian movie.  For me, the concept of soul mate derives from finding someone that fills such a void in your life that you cannot fulfill yourself.    

Getting into biology, its like the concept of essential nutrients. They are nutrients like certain vitamins that our body cannot produce itself. The only way to fulfill that iron deficiency is to obtain it from another source.    

Thus, I have succumbed to the concept of soulmates, however a modern concept of it. They are not the person who drinks a vial of poison so they can die with you. They are ones who stay and live their lives because they know that is what you would have wanted for them. They are not the ones who are selfish and want you all to themselves if they know that is not what you want. They are ones who love you enough to let you go and find your true passion. They are not the ones who keeps track of your every single move. They are the ones who know that a personal identity is necessary for everyone.      

For me, that person is someone who provides you with the things you cannot provide yourself. Criticism. Compliments. Love. Challenge. Loyalty. Courage. Backbone. And most of all, they provide you with reality checks.    




Everywhere I looked, people were standing in twos -- it was like Noah's Upper West Side rent-controlled Ark. - Carrie