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Keeping it Simple

In 2010 on April 14, 2010 at 6:31 am

A simple blog for a simple man.

Claiming that my blog is too sophisticated for him, this week I write on a shortened scale so that this man can understand it.

And since we are on the topic of simplicity, we might beg to ask the question — what is simplicity in this day and age?

One might say that cooking homemade bread, spending time with your loved ones and going stargazing is part of life’s simplicities. Yes, it was…back in 1890.

However, for me, leading a simple life involves having only one Twitter account that I hardly use, an old beat up Samsung phone the width of a brick and driving a 1995 beat-up Corolla with bumper stickers. And to even make it crazier for you guys, I don’t own an iPhone, iMac or the latest ridiculous gadget, the iPad. (Just got the iTouch a few weeks ago..Shhh…..)

In this day and age, being simple is not about not owning the latest greatest item or going on walks to the grocery store. It is about responding back to your tweets on time, being the first to comment on your spouse’s new Facebook picture and making sure you set aside time to read Charles Dickens on the Kindle.

Agreeing with Sir Reynolds’ words,  it is about finding a medium between too little and too much.

So, keep it to a mimimal and you shall be deemed a simple man.



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